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Geoffrey's Courses

In addition to private tutoring, I offer courses in history and Scottish Gaelic language. These courses are generally offered through Seattle Central College. Click on the link to see what is currently being offered and to register.

If you are not local to the Seattle area, consider scribing to my Goraidh - A Gaelic Language Tutor Patreon page. In addition to blogging about topics related to my courses, I'm revising all my handouts and posting them there. Check it out to learn more about different subscription levels.

If you would like to host me (in person) with a group of your friends, or get a group together for one of my classes online (via skype), contact me!

Language Courses

  • Scottish Gaelic 1: Beginning Level. In this course we'll learn the basics of the language. We'll focus on the two verbs 'to be' - IS and BI.
  • Scottish Gaelic 2: Intermediate Level. This course focuses on regular and irregular verbs in the past and future. We these skills, we can talk about travel to Scotland, among other things.
  • Scottish Gaelic 3: Advanced Level. In this course we'll put the finishing touches on our study with the conditional mood and other fun constructions.

History Courses

  • The Celts: History, Art, and Mythology (4 hours): We start in the bronze and iron ages with the Ancient Celts, and work our way into the 20th century.
  • The Gaels: History, Art, and Mythology (4 hours, or 14 hours): In this course we'll take a closer look at the people who speak Gaelic - the Gaels of Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man.
  • Ancient Monuments of Scotland and Ireland (2 hours): This class focuses on the ancient stone monuments, burials, passage tombs, henges, standing stones, and stone circles of Scotland and Ireland.

Travel Courses

  • Scotland: Beyond the Usual (2 hours): We'll explore some fascinating and historically significant places in Scotland.
  • Ireland: Beyond the Usual (2 hours): This time we'll visit Ireland for some interesting and historically significant places.

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