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Gaelic Language Tutor

Fàilte! Welcome! Is mise Goraidh Mac’IlleDhuinn, agus ’s e tìdsear Gàidhlig a th’ annam. My name is Geoffrey Sammons and I am a Gaelic tutor. If you are interested in the Gaelic language, you’ve come to the right place!

I live in the Seattle, WA, USA, area and teach Gaelic for the local Gaelic Society Slighe nan Gaidheal, and private lessons online via Skype/Zoom.

So if you are interested in starting your Gaelic journey, please continue on.

2022 Classes
Private Tutoring: No times available, currently.

SnG's Winter Féis, January 29th, 2022.

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Gaelic Language Course

I have been teaching people how to speak Gaelic for more than 12 years. I've created a number of handouts and presentations. I'm working on building an archive online. Please do explore my offerings in the courses area.

HERE are some basic tips and resources for learning Gaelic.

History and Travel Courses

After beginning my Gaelic language journey, I was interested in knowing why the Gaelic language is in the state that it is in today. I have developed my research into a course on the History of the Gaels - the people who speak the Gaelic language. And then, of course, it was natural to want to travel to Scotland and Ireland to see all the important historical sites! I developed that into Beyond the Usual classes. I also have a number of tips and tricks for traveling to Scotland and Ireland.

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Gaels are indigenous people of Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man, and are struggling to maintain their language and culture in the face of local and global language, economic, political, and cultural pressures. You have a role to play.

Land acknowledgement

I acknowledge that we live on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish People, such as the
Duwamish, whose ancestors resided here since time immemorial and whose descendants are with us today, honoring and bringing to life their ancient heritage.