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Irish Gaelic / Gaeilge

I get enquires about Irish Gaelic lessons with some frequency. My emphasis has been Scottish Gaelic, but I did take two years of Irish lessons. The two languages are from the same branch of Celtic languages, the Goidelic branch. They are very similar in many ways and very different in others. I have worked with some people on basic Irish, but then students should consider a teacher who specializes in Irish.

Once place for online classes in Irish is Futurelearn. They have a number of classes for Irish language and history.

Here are some resources for learners of Irish.

Learning The Irish Language? These Are The Resources You Need - mezzoguild.com

There are apps, too! DuoLingo in Irish (free), as well as Buntús Cainte ($29 for all 60 lessons), and Rosetta Stone (subscription model).

For people in Western Washington State, check out the following.

Bellingham Irish Festival (October)
Irish Heritage Club of Seattle (with a good newsletter) (Irish Week in March)
Irish Studies at Evergreen State College (search for Irish)
Irish Language in the Pacific NW (Facebook Group)

(Updated 10/1/2017)