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Travel Courses

I teach travel workshops by private arrangement. Surely after learning how to speak Gaelic in one of my Gaelic language courses, and learning about the history of Gaelic speakers with one of my history courses, you will want to travel to Scotland and Ireland!

These pages are under development so if there is no link, I haven't uploaded the content yet.

On the following pages are some links to other sites that I think might provide insight into interesting places to go and things to see while traveling to these beautiful and fascinating countries. Please note that nothing I list here should be considered an endorsement or recommendation or a guarantee, unless overtly stated. I do not receive any kind of payment by vendors for what I put on this page. This is information is all about the love of travel to these areas.

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Beyond the Usual: Scotland

There is a lot of information on golf courses, distilleries, and the like out there and millions of pounds of tourism marketing behind them. In this class I focus on lesser known sites to visit which will provide insight into the history of Scotland and its people.

Course materials coming soon.

Beyond the Usual: Ireland

Ireland is a fascinating and beautiful island with a rich history. I'd like to show you some of the lesser known sites to see after you've visited the distillery and the Guinness factory.

Course materials coming soon.

Ancient Monuments of Scotland and Ireland

In this class, we talk specifically about important sites in Scotland and Ireland which were constructed by the stone monument makers in the stone age. We look at their configuration, significance, and how they were constructed.