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Geoffrey's Gaelic languge course - Intermediate Gaelic

PDF Handouts for my intermediate level Gaelic language course. I hope to be able to teach you how to speak Gaelic at an intermediate level using these handouts.

Miscellaneous Handouts

Definite Article Chart (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)
Irregular Verbs (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)
Prepositional Pronouns (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)

Aonad a h-Aon Deug

Focus Point: Regular verbs in the past tense.

The Verb 'Bi' in Review (PDF)
Regular Verbs - Past Tense (PDF)
Understanding Verbs with Diagramming (PDF)
An-Dè (What I did yesterday) (PDF)
Vocabulary - The Body (PDF)

BI in the Past - Q and A (more review) (PDF)

Aonad a Dhà Dheug

Focus Point: More with verbs in the past tense.

Build a Sentence - Regular Verbs in the Past (PDF)
Time References - Past Tense (PDF)
Vocabulary - Aig an Taigh (PDF)

Aonad a Trì Deug

Focus Point: The 'Thoir' Peat Bog

Thoir Peat Bog (PDF)
Vocabulary - Aodach (PDF)

Aonad a Ceithir Deug

Focus Point: Irregular verbs in the past tense.

Irregular Verbs - Past Tense (PDF)
Irregular Verbs - Past Tense Examples (2015) (PDF)

Aonad a Còig Deug

Focus Point: The 'Is' Verb

A few years ago, i did a major research project on the IS verb. The result of was The Book of Is. The Book of Is Companion is a cheat sheet of what's in the main book.
The Book of Is (PDF)
The Book of Is Companion (PDF)

Everything is in the Book of Is, but here are my previous handouts, reengineered into four parts.
Intro to IS (From Unit 3).
Verb - Is (Part 1: Basics) (PDF)
Verb - Is (Part 2: Phrases) (PDF)
Verb - Is (Part 3: Emphasis) (See Advanced Gaelic, Aonad 23).

Aonad a Sia Deug

Focus Point: The Relative Form of the Verb (Relative Future)

The Relative (form of the verb) (PDF)

Aonad a Seachd Deug

Focus Point: Regular Verbs in the future tense.

Comhradh (PDF)
Regular Verbs - Future Tense (PDF)
Time concepts related to the future tense (PDF)

Aonad a h-Ochd Deug

Focus Point: Seasons and Months of the Year, Telling Time.

Telling Time (PDF)
Seasons and Months of the Year (PDF)
Adverbs of Time Place Manner

Aonad a Naoi Deug

Focus Point: Irregular verbs in the future tense.

Irregular Verbs - Future Tense (Chart) (PDF)
Irregular Verbs - Future Tense (Examples) (PDF)

Aonad Fichead

Focus Point: The Genitive Case

The Genitive Case (and when to use it)

End of Intermediate Gaelic

Permission is granted to use and distribute these handouts unaltered. Comments or questions should be sent to geoffrey [at] gaelicseattle [dot] com.