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Advanced Gaelic

PDF Handouts for my advanced level Gaelic language course. I hope to be able to teach you how to speak Gaelic at an advanced level using these handouts.

At this level, the topics become more complex. These lessons build on what has been presented previously, so be willing to go back and review if necessary.

Just as as doctors make the worst patients, every teacher or book has their favorite way of communiticating these complicted topics. I have researched all the topics using the books at my disposal and they all leave out one point or another. I, too, have to make decisions about what to include and what to leave aside. If the way I communicate the subject matter doesn't click with you, most of the handouts have a 'Sources and Further Reading' list at the end. Perhaps there is a presentation that works better for you.

I'm working on putting these handouts online, so check back periodically.

Miscellaneous Handouts

Gaelic Verb Forms (Regular Verbs) (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)
Definite Article Chart (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)
Irregular Verbs (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)
Prepositional Pronouns (PDF) (1 Page Cheat Sheet)

Aonad Fichead 'sa h-Aon

Focus Point: Numbers and Plurals.

Numbers (PDF) (See Aonad 26 for more on Personal Numerals)
Numbers and Nouns (PDF)
Plurals (PDF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Dhà

Focus Point: Adjectives and comparisons.

All About Adjectives (PDF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Trì

Focus Point: Using the IS verb for emphasis.

A few years ago, i did a major research project on the IS verb. The result of was The Book of Is. The Book of Is Companion is a cheat sheet of what's in the main book.
The Book of Is (PDF)
The Book of Is Companion (PDF) (1 page cheat sheet with everything on it)

BI versus IS - A Reminder (PDF) (1 page cheat sheet)
Is Verb - Emphasis

Aonad Fichead 'sa Ceithir

Focus Point: Conditional form of verbs, conjunction IF.

Conditional Forms Cheat Sheet (PDF) (1 page cheat sheet)
Conditional Form of Regular Verbs (PDF) (Verb tense review, conditional forms of BI and regular verbs, conjunction IF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Còig

Focus Point: Conditional Form of Irregular Verbs.

Conditional Form of Irregular Verbs (2012) (PDF)
Irregular Verbs in the Conditional (2017) (PDF)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Sia

Focus Point: Conjunctions, Personal Numerals.

All About Conjunctions
Personal Numerals (PDF) (See Aonad 21 for more on numbers)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Seachd

Focus Point: Inverted nominal and objects of verbs.

Inverted Nominal (PDF) (Inverted Nominal, Part 1)
Defective Verbs (PDF) (Inverted Nominal, Part 2)(Includes IS constructions, Faod/Feum)

Aonad Fichead 'sa h-Ochd

Focus Point: Perfect Tenses.

Perfect Tenses (PDF) (Inverted Nominal, Part 3)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Naoi

Focus Point: Infinitives

Verbal Nouns, Infinitives, and Objects of Verbs (PDF) (Inverted Nominal, Part 4) (Includes GAM/GAD)

Aonad Fichead 'sa Deich

Focus Point: Passive Voice

The Passive

End of Advanced Gaelic

Permission is granted to use and distribute these handouts unaltered. Comments or questions should be sent to geoffrey [at] gaelicseattle [dot] com.