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Class 4: Scots, Picts, and Vikings | gaelicseattle.com

History of the Gaels

Dàl Riata to Scotland, and the Vikings

This class covers the time period from the end of the Roman period (about 500 CE) to 1165 CE.

I'm working on putting my course materials online for this course.

Follow these links for articles and websites that explore this time period. I frequently add more! If a link no longer works, please do let me know!

The Saints

Anglo-Saxons & Britons
Anglo-Saxon and British Kingdoms c. 800 [Interactive Map] (Heritage Daily)
(2017) Archaeologists discover mound next to Slough car park is 'prestigious' Anglo-Saxon monument (phys.org)

Place to Visit: The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo (VisitNorway.com)
Place to Visit: (2017) 5 Spectacular Viking Village Museums from Scandinavia (The Dockyards)
Place to Visit: Up Helly Aa - Epic photos from Viking festival in Scotland (boredpanda)
10 Viking Provers You Should Know (The Dockyards)
Invasion: Vikings and Normans (Audio)(BBC)
History of Vikings Invading Ireland (YourIrish.com)
(2017) Episode 1: The Curious Case of Icelandic Turfhouses (Go, The Travel Podcast)
(2017) Mysterious rings in Reykjavík possibly ruins of Irish settlements dating to Viking age (Iceland Magazine)
(2017) Revealed: VIP Viking warrior found buried on the Scottish coast with a wealth of tools could be a WOMAN (Daily Mail)
(2017) When Hebrideans were offered a new start in Norway (The Scotsman)
(2017) Why did Greenland's Vikings Vanish? (Smithsonian)
(2017) Why the Vikings Struggled in Iceland and Greenland and Some Didn't Make it (History Channel)
(2017) Glima - Ancient martial art practiced by the Vikings is still popular today (Ancient Pages)
(2017) The Blackener's Cave, Viking Age outlaws, taboo, and ritual in Iceland's lava fields (Archaeology)
(2017) Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of Huge Viking Camp in England (Ancient Origins)
(2017) Wood Quay: revealing the heart of Viking Dublin (Current Archaeology)
(2017) Viking influence on Scotland's vocabulary and place names (The Scotsman)
(2017) 'Significant' Viking hoard unearthed on Isle of Man (BBC)
(2017) Thousand-year-old Viking fortress reveals a technologically advanced society (Science)
(2017) Medieval Scandinavian architecture: Viking longhouses, the ring fortress, ritual buildings & boathouses (Walls With Stories)
(2016) Ivar the Boneless and a brutal Viking invasion of Scotland (The Scotsman)
(2016) Pre-Columbian Murals and Norse Sagas Suggest Vikings Met the Aztecs, and the Outcome Was Not Pretty (Ancient Origins)
(2016) Last Battle of the Vikings on the West Coast of Scotland (War History Online)
(2016) The Lost Vikings: Centuries after North America's Norsemen died out, Denmark dispatched ships to try and save them (National Post)
(2014) DNA study finds around a million Scots and English descended from Vikings (Breaking News.ie)
(2011) Vikings and Scotland: 10 lesser known facts (The Scotsman)