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Class 2: The Gaels and the Celts | gaelicseattle.com

History of the Gaels

The Celts

In this class we explore the Celts. The time period covered includes the Ancient Celts (Bronze and the Iron Age) to the modern period and the rediscovery of the Celts.

This is a mini version of my longer 4 hour course just on the Celts.

I'm working on putting my course materials online for this course.

Follow these links for articles and websites that explore this time period. If the link no longer works, please do let me know!

(2017) Ten things you probably didn't know about the Celts (Irish Central)
(2017) The Celtic People Around Europe and Their Ancient Civilization and Way of Life (About-History)
(2017) Bog bodies are kings sacrificed by Celts (IrishCentral)
(2017) Researchers Finish Separating World's Largest Celtic Coin Hoard (Smithsonian)
(2017) The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice will Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver [TV Program] (BBC)
(2017) The Celts: The people "at the end of the world" (Columbia Theological Seminary)
(2017) Alice Roberts gives a lecture on the history of the Celts (Isle Of Man Today)
(2016) Did the Legendary Irish Milesians Come from Spanish Galicia? (Ancient Origins)
(2016) The Hochdorf Chieftain's Grave - intact and richly furnished grave of an Early Celtic chieftain (The Vintage News)
(2012) New ideas on the origins of the Celts (YouTube)
Would you visit 'Celtic Britain'? (BBC)
The Irish Celts (Celtic Life)

Gods, Heros, & Legends
From Dead to Deity - How did the Celtic dead become gods?
Cu Chulainn Celtic Legend - His Birth (HubPages)
(2017) Lugh, Master of Skills (Thought Co.)
(2017) Gods of the Celts (Thought Co.)
(2017) The Headless Horseman and monsters from the Celtic underworld (IrishCentral)
(2017) Story of Cú Chulainn, greatest of all Irish warriors, is being made into a movie (IrishCentral)
(2016) Κυρμιληνός – The Celtic God of Beer (balkancelts)
(2016) The Woman Behind the Man: Celtic Warrior Scathach, Teacher of Warriors (Ancient Origins)
(2014) The Celtic Origins of Halloween (The Dockyards)
Book of Invasions - Mythical History of Ireland (Ireland Calling)

Art & Artifacts
(2017) Treasure hunters dig up trove of Iron Age gold (Mother Nature Network)
(2017) The Book of Kells is not the only rare Irish manuscript in town (The Irish Times)
(2017) Researchers Analyze Burial of Ancient Celtic Prince (Smithsonian)
(2017) A princely Update (Archaeology)
(2016) This 2000-year-old helmet was dredged from the bed of the River Thames close to Waterloo Bridge & one of only three Iron Age helmets found in England (La Tene) (The Vintage News)
(2016) Huge Celtic Iron Age tomb with stunning artifacts discovered in France (The Vintage News)
(2015) The History and Symbolism of the Celtic Cross (Irish Fireside Blog)
The Book of Kells, including link to YouTub documentary (Ireland Calling)

(2017) Scots experts reconstruct face of murdered Pictish man (The Scotsman)
(2017) Face of ancient Pictish man digitally reconstructed (The Scotsman)
(2017) Facial reconstruction made of 'brutally-killed' Pictish man (BBC)
'Brutally murdered' Pictish man brought back to life by CAHID team (Heritage Daily)
(2017) DNA shows Northern Irish descended from painted warriors Pict tribe who battled the Romans (IrishCentral)
(2017) Burghead dig unearths Pictish longhouse (BBC)
(2017) Pictish longhouse unearthed at Burghead Fort? (Current Archaeology)
(2017) 1,100-year-old coin found in royal Pictish power centre (The Scotsman)
(2017) Pictish fort reveals surprising archaeological treasures (Heritage Daily)
(2017) 'Significant' Pictish carving found in Perth & Kinross (History Scotland)
(2017) Pictish stone carving uncovered in Perthshire road excavation (BBC)
(2017) Pictish carving found at £35m A9/A85 project (Scottish Construction Now)
(2016) 8th century Pictish carved stone discovered in Orkney cliff (The Scotsman)
(2016) Kenneth MacAlpin: King of the Picts and Legendary Founder of Scotia (Ancient Origins)
(2016) Why did the Picts mysteriously disappear? (The Scotsman)
(2016) A brief history of the ancient Pict Kingdoms of Scotland (The Scotsman)

Romans & Celts
Map showing the lands of the Celts and the Romans (Resources for History) (prefers Chrome)
(2017) Profile: Hadrian - the emperor who built a wall and defined Scotland (The National)

Ogham (Omniglot)
Ogham (Ireland Calling)
The ancient Irish alphabet Ogham explained (Irish Central)
The Celtic Ogham: An Ancient Tree Alphabet that May Disappear Before Showing its Roots (Ancient Origins)
(2016) Preserving Ireland's Ancient, Mysterious Tree-Based Alphabet (Atlas Obscura)

Celtic place-names in Aberdeenshire, John Milne (1912) (archive.org)

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