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Geoffrey's History Courses

When I began to study Scottish Gaelic, I didn't know very much about Scotland, the Gaelic language, or the people who spoke the language. Once I got involved in studying the language, I was curious to know how about its history and how it came to be in the state that we find it in today. This began a several decade process of reading and research into the history of Scotland, the Gaels, and their language.

Currently, with the development of my Gaelic language course, I have two history courses that I offer. I hope that in addition to learning how to speak Gaelic, you will be interested to learn about the history of the people who speak the language.

The History of the Gaels

This course consists of 7 classes of 2 hours in duration. The seven classes include:
1 - Origins (12,000 to 50 BCE)
2 - The Celts (a mini version of my other course)
3 - The Roman period (50 BCE - 500 CE)
4 - The early medieval period and the Vikings (500 - 1165 CE)
5 - The time of the Lordship of the Isles (1165 - 1603 CE)
6 - Scotland from 1603 CE
7 - Ireland from 1603 CE

The Celts

This course is 4 hours and is a survey of the following periods:
1 - Origins
2 - Bronze & Iron age Celts,
3 - the Roman period
Celts in the middle ages
4 - and rediscovery of the Celts

Whenever possible, mythology and art is used to bring the story of these people to life.
Course website still in development.
New courses are always under development, so check back from time to time. Feel free to send me an email with a suggestion!